Compression Injuries and Their Long-Term Impact on Workplace Accident Victims

Workers can experience any number of injuries while on the job, but those that deal with compression - having their body crushed between two heavy objects - tend to suffer from life-long complications. Location of the compression and the amount of the body affected can increase the risk of serious, long-term issues. Learn more about how compression injuries may affect the life of you or your loved one, and discover [...]

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Brain and Spinal Injury Victims May Find New Hope in Gene Therapy

Of all the injuries that one can sustain in an auto accident, those relating to the brain and spine are usually the most devastating. In fact, many victims find themselves disabled or severely limited in their ability to work and earn money for their families after such an injury. Compensation, which may be owed to them, cannot give them back their lives, but a new research project hopes to return [...]

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Five Common Spinal Injuries That Car Crash Victims May Experience

Although victims may sustain an injury to almost any part of the body during an auto accident, those relating to the spine are often the most severe. They also happen to be some of the most commonly experienced injuries in serious crashes. Learn more about the types of spinal injuries that may occur in car crashes, discover what compensation may be owed to you, and gain information on the ways [...]

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Aquatic Therapy May Improve Outcomes for Spinal Injury Victims

Spinal injury victims often have a long road of rehabilitation, and outcomes are never guaranteed. Thankfully, science has been working hard to improve the quality of life for these individuals. One prime example is the current project at Kennedy Krieger. Researchers there are studying the potential effect of aquatic therapy, hoping it will improve long-term outcomes for spinal injury victims. Learn more about spinal injuries, the possibilities of aquatic therapy, [...]

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Understanding the Difference Between Complete and Incomplete Spinal Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can be scary and devastating to the victim and their family. However, not all mean the person will be paralyzed for life. In fact, spinal injuries are experienced at varying degrees, and some have a better prognosis than others. Learn the basic differences between the two main types of spinal cord injuries, and more about how those variations could impact your personal injury case. Spinal Cord Injuries [...]

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Spinal Cord Injuries: Common Causes, Complications, and Treatments

Spinal cord injuries are one of the more serious injuries one may experience. It can permanently change a person’s strength, sensation, and bodily functions. In some cases, it could even lead to paralysis and decreased life expectancy. Most concerning of all is that many spinal injury sufferers are victims of an accident – one that was caused by the negligent actions of another. If you or someone you love has [...]

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Spinal Cord Injuries Can Lead to Extensive Losses

One of the most devastating injuries you can sustain is damage to your spinal cord. Direct trauma to the spinal cord can cause compression of the vertebrae, fracture to the cord, or can even completely sever your spinal column. Such injuries damage or destroy nerve cells that transport information from the brain to the body and can therefore result in serious physical and sensory limitations. While some spinal injuries can [...]

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