What Are the Most Common Causes of Work-Related Injuries?

Going to work should not put employees in danger of coming home at the end of the day with a severe injury. Unfortunately, workers are often injured while on the job. While some occupations are inevitably risky, all employers should take the time to make their workplace as safe as possible. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), a worker is injured on the job every seven seconds in the [...]

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Compression Injuries and Their Long-Term Impact on Workplace Accident Victims

Workers can experience any number of injuries while on the job, but those that deal with compression - having their body crushed between two heavy objects - tend to suffer from life-long complications. Location of the compression and the amount of the body affected can increase the risk of serious, long-term issues. Learn more about how compression injuries may affect the life of you or your loved one, and discover [...]

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Injured on the Job as a Temp? Know Your Legal Rights

National estimates suggest that as many as 17 million workers are employed under a temporary contract. Studies also suggest that such workers are at an overall higher risk for injury than traditionally hired employees. Yet few temp workers know what their rights are when an injury does occur. Some may even miss out on compensation that was rightfully owed to them. Do not make this same mistake. Instead, learn what [...]

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Ashley Furniture Fined Millions for Wisconsin Workers' Injuries

The federal government is fining Wisconsin's Ashley Furniture for thousands of injuries suffered by workers at its Arcadia facility. The U.S. Occupational and Safety Health Administration hit Ashley Furniture, Inc. with a $1.76 million fine for an abundance of workplace injuries. In less than 3.5 years, more than 1, 000 work-related injuries were documented, and OSHA investigators discovered 12 willful, 12 repeated, and 14 serious safety violations at the Arcadia [...]

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