Green Bay personal injury attorneys, traumatic brain injuryOnce thought to be mostly a minor injury that required only a few weeks of healing, head injuries are now known to have effects that can last for months, and possibly even the rest of someone's life. A recent study, which found a link to Alzheimer plaques in concussion sufferers, has now been added as a possible consequence of a head injury.

The Brain Trauma and Alzheimer's Link

Alzheimer's is a degenerative cognitive disorder that affects the brain and causes memory loss, confusion, disorientation, difficulty speaking, and eventually death. No cure currently exists and, although there are some theories, its causes are mostly unknown. However, researchers continue to analyze when and how Alzheimer's occurs and continue to hope for a way to either stop it or slow it. Thus, a recent study has led to the discovery of a link between brain injury and Alzheimer's.

Published in the medical journal Neurology, the study examined patients with Alzheimer's as well as patients who had, at one point in their lives, experienced a brain injury. Both groups were found to have plaques in their brains that are thought to play a part in the development of Alzheimer's. Caused by beta-amyloid proteins that stick together inside the brain and then form between nerve cells, these plaques are thought to suffocate the brain, which then leads to deterioration. The result is the loss of memory function and cognitive impairments seen in Alzheimer's sufferers.

Risk Could be Higher for the Elderly

Because their brains are already aging, and because they are more prone to head injury, seniors are thought to be at especially high risk for these plaque buildups. Of course, more information is needed to confirm the researchers' findings, including whether or not seniors really are at a higher risk. Regardless, the study still highlights the importance of seeking medical attention after a head injury at any age. It also shows that, in accidents where traumatic brain injury has occurred, more consideration must be given to the potential for long-term complications.

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