Appleton truck accident lawyersSemi-truck accidents are some of the most devastating crashes on the road, so fair compensation is often critical for victims. Unfortunately, few are prepared for the intensive process. Learn more about what happens after a truck crash, and discover how the assistance of a seasoned, competent truck accident lawyer can improve the outcome of your personal injury case.

Understanding the Investigation Process

While most accidents involve an investigation, those involving semi-trucks are usually more intense, and they often take longer to complete. Part of this can be attributed to the government regulations that trucking companies operate under, but there are other factors that may elongate the process as well. For example, a driver may be required to complete drug and alcohol testing if there is suspicion of intoxication at the time of the crash. Another issue is that there are often multiple investigations that take place, including:

  • Police Investigations – These types of investigations are standard after an accident. The officer, charged with ensuring that everyone is safe, also takes notes at the scene of the crash. Those notes typically include any damage to the related vehicles, and they document any evidence of any suspected traffic violations;
  • Trucking Company Investigations – Truck companies often want to avoid a payout to victims, so they will search for any wrongdoing on the part of the driver (or the company itself). Accident reconstructions and vehicle inspections are common, and they may also choose to perform drug or alcohol testing on the driver in question;
  • Government Agency Investigations – While not typically required after a motor vehicle crash, these types of investigations are common after a truck accident. They may be conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration, Department of Transportation, and similar agencies. They are searching for any evidence that the truck driver violated any state or federal regulations; and
  • Private Investigations – These are done in the best interest of the victim, and they are typically headed up by the victim’s attorney. They may include everything from a review of the driver’s log book and black box to a reconstruction of the accident. Note that your own insurance company may also conduct an investigation to determine if they are obligated to make a payout.

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With so many investigations occurring after an accident, victims may wrongfully assume that they will receive a payout based on the evidence found. However, most of these investigations are conducted to prevent a payout by the trucking company. Evidence from the police report may be helpful, but even then, there may not be enough information to ensure the victim receives full and fair compensation. Moreover, it is critical that victims contact an attorney as soon as possible so important information relevant to victims can be preserved before it is forever lost, such as calls to 911(saved for 120 days); videotapes of intersections (sometimes saved for only a day); black box; debris or skid marks at the accident scene; photographs of vehicles; statements from witnesses, etc. 

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