Appleton, WI T-bone collision attorneyOf the various different types of car accidents and truck accidents that affect people in the United States, side-impact collisions are among the most dangerous. These accidents are often referred to as “T-bone collisions,” since when one vehicle strikes another vehicle from the side, the vehicles resemble a letter “T.” These types of collisions account for around 25% of all car accident fatalities.

T-bone collisions can result in multiple different types of serious injuries for drivers or passengers. While many vehicles have side airbags, a person may still strike their head on the vehicle’s frame or other parts of the vehicle, resulting in traumatic brain injuries. The impact of another car or truck into the side of a vehicle can result in broken bones, including in the arms, legs, ribs, or hips. The jolting motion of an impact may also result in whiplash or other types of spinal cord injuries. Those who have suffered serious injuries in a T-bone collision will need to work with an experienced attorney to determine how they can receive financial compensation.

Negligence Leading to T-Bone Collisions

Side-impact car crashes most commonly take place at intersections, and they often occur because of illegal turns. For example, a driver who is turning left at an intersection must check to make sure the road is clear in three different directions, avoiding traffic from the left and right, as well as oncoming vehicles. If a driver makes a left turn without yielding to other vehicles traveling through an intersection, they may strike another vehicle from the side, or they may be unable to avoid a side-impact collision with another vehicle.

T-bone collisions can also occur because drivers proceed through intersections without obeying traffic lights or stop signs. When a person runs a red or yellow light or does not stop for a stop sign, they may strike cross traffic that is traveling through the intersection or vehicles that are making legal left or right turns. These violations can occur because a person is driving too fast to stop in time, because a driver who is texting while driving fails to notice a changing traffic signal, or because a drunk driver cannot maintain control of their vehicle when approaching an intersection.

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There are a variety of complex factors that may be involved in a T-bone collision. To ensure that they can recover compensation from the driver who was at fault, victims who were injured in these types of collisions should consult with an attorney to determine their legal options. At Herrling Clark Law Firm, Ltd., we can investigate these types of car accidents and obtain evidence to prove that a driver acted negligently. This evidence may include police reports, 911 recordings, photos of the accident scene, footage from traffic cameras or security cameras, and testimony from witnesses. We will provide you with representation and make sure you receive the full and fair compensation you deserve. Contact our Appleton car crash injury lawyers at 920-739-7366 to schedule your free consultation today.