truck crash lawyerTractor-trailer trucks are massive vehicles, and when they are fully loaded, they can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds or more. Because commercial trucks are so much larger than other vehicles, they can inflict serious injuries and other types of damages in a truck accident. Collisions between large trucks and other vehicles can occur for a variety of reasons, and in many cases, accidents take place because a truck driver loses control of their vehicle and collides with cars, trucks, pedestrians, or obstacles in or near the road. While truck driver negligence may be a factor in some collisions, issues related to a truck’s cargo can also affect a driver’s control. 

Truck Accidents Caused by Unsecured or Falling Cargo

If cargo is not loaded and secured correctly in a truck’s trailer, it may shift during travel. This can affect a driver’s control of their vehicle in a number of ways. When items move around in a truck’s cargo area, this may cause a trailer to become unbalanced. If cargo shifts and places too much weight on one side of the truck, this may lead to a rollover accident when a driver is negotiating a curve in the road or making a tight turn at an intersection or another location.

Improperly secured cargo may also shift forward or backward during transit. Cargo that moves and throws off the weight distribution of a truck may also affect the traction of the truck’s tires. These issues may affect a driver’s ability to slow down and stop correctly, and they could potentially lead to rear-end collisions or other types of accidents. 

In addition to affecting a truck driver’s ability to control their vehicle, cargo that is not properly tied down or secured may fall from a truck during travel. This issue is more likely to affect trucks with flatbed trailers, and broken straps or chains may cause items to fall into the road. Because the cargo carried by semi-trailer trucks can be very large and heavy, it can cause serious damage if it lands on or strikes another vehicle, and drivers and passengers may suffer severe bodily harm or wrongful death. Cargo that lands in the middle of the roadway may also create dangerous obstacles, and other vehicles may collide with these items, or accidents may occur when drivers swerve to avoid debris.

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Commercial truck accidents caused by shifting or falling cargo can involve a variety of complex factors, and multiple parties may be responsible, including a truck driver, a trucking company, or a distribution company that did not follow the correct procedures when loading and securing items on a truck. Herrling Clark Law Firm Ltd. can perform an investigation following a truck accident to determine the causes of the collision and identify the liable parties. We will work to ensure that victims will be able to receive financial compensation for their injuries and damages. Contact our Appleton truck accident attorneys at 920-739-7366 to schedule your free consultation.