Appleton burn injury attorneyEvery year, thousands of Americans suffer severe burns resulting in serious injuries. A burn injury can impact a person’s ability to work, while resulting in chronic pain and scarring. Burn injuries can be caused by gasoline in the aftermath of a car accident or misuse of hazardous materials at the workplace. Regardless of how these occur, the implications can be tragic. In the event of a burn injury, it is important to contact an attorney to determine your options for pursuing compensation from the party or parties who were responsible. 

Burn Incidents Throughout the United States 

According to the American Burn Association (ABA), a staggering 486, 000 Americans suffered burn injuries that required medical treatment throughout 2016. Due to the unique challenges that burn injuries present to medical professionals, many of those injured require treatment at burn centers. Throughout the United States, 30, 000 people were admitted to burn centers in 2016 due to the severity of their injuries. Tragically, some burn injuries are entirely untreatable, resulting in death. In all, burns and fires account for an average of 4, 500 deaths each year. 

Even if a severe burn victim is able to survive their injuries, the long-term symptoms can be drastic. A third-degree burn is characterized as a burn that extends beneath the skin. These injuries can result in permanent nerve damage, infections, and traumatic exterior scarring. The chronic pain that often accompanies third-degree burns can result in loss of mobility, difficulty sleeping, and incessant itching. 

Here in the United States, two of the leading causes of burn injuries are motor vehicle collisions and workplace accidents. In the event of a car accident, it is possible that the collision that caused burns could be the result of driver negligence. In many workplace burn accidents, the accident was a result of failing to comply with OSHA safety standards. Since a burn injury can have a life-altering impact of a burn injury, it is important to trust a legal professional experienced in burn injury suits to assist you in navigating the process of seeking compensation through a personal injury lawsuit or a workers’ compensation claim. 

Contact a Green Bay Burn Injury Lawyer 

When a person suffers a burn injury, their whole family may be affected by the tragedy. Outside of the financial implications of a burn, which can include costly medical treatment and physical therapy, as well as the loss of work hours, the emotional toll of a severe burn can last a lifetime. At [[title]], we will aggressively fight to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve that fully addresses the damages you have suffered. To schedule a free initial meeting with an experienced Appleton personal injury attorney, call our office at 920-739-7366.