Appleton personal injury attorneys, burn victimsSevere burns—those that go beyond at-home treatment and require the help of a physician to heal—can leave victims with life-long scars and pain. This, on top of the risk for recurrent infections, potential loss of certain physical abilities or mobility, scarring, and disfigurement can be a hefty weight to carry and often adds emotional scars to the physical ones. Nothing and no one can ever make that fully right again; however, a new laser treatment may help ease at least some of the pain.

Severe Burn Treatments

When a person suffers from severe burns that cover large portions of the body or penetrate into muscle tissue or bone, rehabilitation at a burn unit is almost always needed. Here, there are many specialists to help with the recovery, including psychiatrists, plastic surgeons, dietitians, physical therapists, internists and more. Yet even with all of this help, a burn victim may be left with visible scarring or recurrent pain from the severity of his or her injuries. This long-term pain and scarring is what the new laser treatment addresses.

Treating Third-Degree Burns with Smaller Third-Degree Burns

Lasers have been used to treat everything from acne scars to visual defects, but only recently has anyone started using lasers to treat burns. It seems counter-productive—creating third-degree burns with a smaller third-degree burn—but the dermatologists and clinicians offering the treatment say it forces the skin to heal itself through enhanced collagen production. Additionally, their patients, which include a Vietnam war victim and a plane crash victim among many others, say the treatments are working.

Unfortunately, these treatments are not covered under insurance. In fact, no laser treatment is covered under insurance, not even those that may medically benefit patients. This leaves patients who may have already suffered from loss of income or loss of employment on the hook for 100 percent of the cost. For some, this may be a crippling realization.

You May Be Due Compensation for Your Burn Injuries

Burns can happen for a number of reasons. Those that are the result of negligence, caused by a defective product or building, or took place inside of a business, corporation, or rental property are just some of the instances in which a victim may be due compensation for his or her injuries. [[title]] can review your case and help determine if and how you should proceed. To get started, contact our experienced Appleton personal injury attorneys and Green Bay personal injury attorneys and schedule your free initial consultation. Call 920-739-7366 today.

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