Appleton, WI traumatic brain injury lawyerWhile traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, can happen to anyone at any time of year, the month of March has been highlighted by advocacy organizations such as the Brain Injury Association of America as a time to spotlight this issue. For many, a bump on the head might seem like a minor incident, and even if a person experiences a concussion, this may appear to be a short-term problem. However, many brain injuries are much more serious.

Around 3.6 million people suffer brain injuries every year in the United States, which means that on average, someone suffers this type of injury every nine seconds. While many people recover from brain injuries, around 150 people die every day from injuries that include TBIs. In addition, there are over 5.3 million people in the U.S. who suffer from permanent disabilities resulting from brain injuries. This means that around one in 60 people have been forced to live with the effects of these injuries.

Brain injuries that did not occur because of genetic or hereditary factors are known as acquired brain injuries. In addition to injuries that take place during medical procedures or because of exposure to toxic substances, acquired brain injuries include traumatic brain injuries, which are caused by external force causing a person’s head to come in contact with an object. Depending on the force of the blow, a person may experience a closed brain injury in which there is little to no external damage or an open brain injury involving a fractured skull or an object penetrating the brain. Two of the most common causes of TBIs are:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drivers or passengers may suffer brain trauma in the impact with another vehicle, even if their vehicle is fully equipped with safety equipment such as seat belts and airbags. A person may strike their head on a seat rest, steering wheel, dashboard, windows, or the frame of the vehicle. TBIs can also be caused by whiplash, including flexion extension injuries that may occur even if a person’s head does not make contact with objects in a vehicle. Brain injuries are more likely in serious auto accidents, such as head-on collisions or rollover crashes. People in passenger vehicles are also likely to experience brain injuries in a collision with a larger vehicle, such as a semi-truck. Victims of motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian accidents are even more likely to suffer brain trauma when they are struck by a vehicle.

Nursing Home Negligence

Residents of nursing homes may suffer brain injuries in a fall. In some cases, these types of incidents occur because of intentional abuse, such as a person striking a patient on the head or pushing them and causing them to fall down. In other cases, falls may occur because of neglect, such as staff members failing to help a person get into or out of bed. Residents may also suffer brain injuries if they contract infections due to improper medical care or if they experience malnutrition or dehydration because of neglect.

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