Motorcycles are not usually considered the safest mode of transport. Because motorcycles lack safety features that are standard in other motor vehicles, motorcyclists are highly vulnerable to serious injuries in crashes. This is why other motorists must pay attention to motorcyclists at all times. Failing to notice motorcycles on the road can have devastating, even sometimes fatal, consequences.

Take, for instance, a recent accident in Wisconsin that reportedly left a motorcyclist injured. The accident involved the motorcyclist and a dump truck driver. While the operator of the dump truck did not suffer injuries in the motorcycle crash, the occupant of the motorcycle unfortunately did sustain injuries.

The severity of these injuries was not known, but the motorcyclist had to be flown to a nearby hospital via medical helicopter. A Wisconsin sheriff’s department is investigating the crash.

After investigating a motorcycle accident, it is sometimes revealed that a driver other than the motorcyclist caused the crash. A common example is when a driver claims not to have seen a motorcyclist. Failure to notice to the motorcycle can be a form of negligence.

If a negligent driver injures a motorcyclist, victims of motorcycle accidents may wish to pursue legal action against the negligent driver. By doing so, victims and their families may be able to obtain monetary compensation. Though never able to erase the trauma that these victims have been forced to endure, compensation can help to alleviate some of the financial burden so victims can focus on their physical and emotional recoveries.

Source: WEAU, “NEW INFORMATION: Motorcycle rider flown to hospital after Chippewa Co. crash, ” Andrew Fefer, June 11, 2014