Wisconsin pedestrian accident lawyersPedestrian accidents have been on the rise for the last several years, and that has resulted in an increase in the number of pedestrian deaths – but fatalities are not the only issue. Multiple and severe injuries that may place the victim and their family at risk for financial devastation are also extremely common. Thankfully, victims do have rights. Learn more about them, and discover how an experienced attorney can help with the process.

Multiple and Severe Injuries in a Pedestrian Crash

While victims may sustain any number of injuries in a pedestrian crash, some are far more likely to result in disability. Trauma to the spine and head are among the most common and concerning, but even seemingly minor ones can result in long-term or life-long disability. Examples of such injuries might include:

  • Multiple fractures,
  • Fractures to large bones,
  • Injury to the body’s vital organs,
  • Sprains or strains, and
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder.

It is also important to note that elderly victims have a higher risk of disability after a pedestrian crash, even if they only suffer from minor injuries. Much of this is due to a decrease in bone density and longer healing time – both of which are common among the elderly. Young children may also be at an increased risk of a serious and debilitating injury because of their size.

The Impact of Multiple and Severe Injuries

When victims sustain serious or multiple injuries in a pedestrian crash, their risk of a long-term or permanent disability are increased dramatically. Medical expenses are often higher in such scenarios, and victims may be unable to work or provide for their family. That financial stress, when paired with a loss of vitality, can also cause depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues for the victim. A particularly traumatic experience during or after the accident can increase that risk further. In such situations, victims are encouraged to seek skilled legal assistance – especially since doing so can improve the odds of a full and fair settlement.

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