Pursuing Compensation as a Victim of Aggressive Driving or Road Rage

While some accidents may be caused by uncontrollable factors, such as weather or road conditions, the majority are caused by human error, negligence, or behavior. Some are oversights, such as failing to notice a stop sign. Others are intentional but not intended to cause harm, such as texting while driving. Then there are those actions that may or may not be used to intentionally bring harm to other road users, [...]

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Stay Safe around Aggressive Drivers

Every driver gets frustrated at one time or another. Whether you are running late and stuck in traffic or impatient with slower drivers, it is easy to get worked up behind the wheel. However, while internal frustration is only natural at times, too many drivers allow their impatience to manifest into aggressive driving behaviors or even into road rage. “Aggressive driving” is considered to be any driving behavior that is [...]

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How to Handle Aggressive Drivers

Most motorists are familiar with aggressive drivers—those who speed excessively, change lanes frequently and often without signaling, pass improperly, or run stop signs and red lights. Aggressive drivers may even resort to tailgating, flashing lights, honking, or making gestures to intimidate other drivers or air their frustrations. According to the National Safety Council, aggressive driving is on the rise as roadways become more congested and law enforcement struggles to maintain [...]

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