Taking Vitamin D May Boost Recovery After a Burn Injury, Study Finds

Despite advancements in treatment over the last 10 years, burn injury victims continue to experience serious and sometimes life-threatening complications, including an infection that may lead to sepsis (and ultimately death). A new study suggests that vitamin D supplementation could be the key to reducing these risks after a burn injury. Learn more about the data from this study, and discover how a seasoned personal injury attorney could help you [...]

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Study Suggests Tarantula Venom May Help Ease Pain for Burn Injury Victims

The pain experienced by burn injury victims is complex and of serious concern, not just immediately after the injury, but also in the years to come. Sadly, science has struggled with pain management for such victims. Part of this is due to the way that burns affect the body, which is quite different from other types of injuries. Thankfully, a new study now suggests that tarantula venom may hold the [...]

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Aggressive Infection Control Measures Can Reduce Risk of Morbidity for Burn Injury Victims

The skin is designed to protect the body from viruses, bacteria, and other foreign debris. When a burn occurs, the skin’s ability to protect the body is hindered. Because of this, burn injury victims may experience bacterial or fungal infections while undergoing treatment. Should this occur, their life may be at risk. Discover how an infection could impact the outcome of a burn injury case and learn more about how [...]

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What Can You Expect from Your Burn Injury Case?

Burn injuries are often caused by preventable and negligent mistakes, such as car accidents or defective products. In such instances, victims may be owed compensation for the injuries and losses they experience. Learn more about the claims process and how an attorney can help protect your rights in a burn injury case. Types of Burn Injuries Despite the common misconception, there are actually several different types of burn injuries, and [...]

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Burn Injuries in Children Can Have Long-Lasting Effects

Burn injuries can be physically, financially, and emotionally devastating for anyone, but children can be at an especially high risk for fatality and long-term complications. Their bodies are smaller, and the recovery can be more traumatizing. Now it is being suggested that children may also experience developmental and educational delays because of their burns. This makes it even more critical for parents to understand their right to pursue compensation. How [...]

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Fire Closes Down Fond Du Lac Hotel

Burn injuries sustained from a fire can be severe and have long-lasting effects on a person's quality of life. Unfortunately, burn injuries from fires, especially those in buildings, are sadly common. According to the United States Fire Administration, 13, 900 people suffered from injuries due to residential building fires in 2011 alone. After a traumatic injury, victims of burn injuries can be faced with medical bills, loss of income, and [...]

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