Safety Experts Say Automaker Defect is Putting Countless Children at Risk

Parents are consistently told that the back seat of a vehicle is safest for children. Most of the time that statement is true. There is, however, an automobile defect in some vehicle makes and models that could place children at just as much risk as those riding in front seats. Even more disturbing is that the automakers of those vehicles have allegedly known of the problem for quite some time [...]

2016-06-02T15:03:15+00:00June 2, 2016|Green Bay Products Liability Lawyer|

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Proposes a Significant Overhaul on U.S. Vehicle Safety Ratings

More than 32, 000 people die on the roads each year. In 2015, millions of vehicles were recalled because of defects; some were responsible for wrongful deaths and injuries. To manage these defects, and to hopefully improve overall safety on the road, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is proposing a significant overhaul to the safety ratings minimums of U.S vehicles. New Crash Test Technology One of the best [...]

2015-12-22T13:45:20+00:00December 22, 2015|Dangerous Products|
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