The Dangers of Intersections for Wisconsin Bicyclists

Though reported accidents between bicycles and motor vehicles in Wisconsin are relatively uncommon, over 800 bicyclists are injured each year. Bicyclists are at a clear disadvantage in a motor vehicle collision, as their vehicles do little to provide protection, and their injuries are often severe and sometimes fatal. Bicycle accidents are especially common at intersections, and it is important to be aware of how these accidents occur and what you [...]

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Side-impact Crashes and the Injuries They Cause

Most side-impact crashes happen at intersections, where drivers run red lights or stop signs, and as a result, hit the side of another car. Individuals involved in these crashes (also commonly referred to as T-bone or broadside accidents) do not typically see the crash coming - but even if they did happen to see the vehicle barreling toward them, there would be little they could do to stop the accident [...]

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Intersections and Auto Accidents – What Every Crash Victim Should Know

Traffic accidents at intersections are both exceedingly frequent and potentially dangerous. Much of this increased risk can be attributed to the fact intersections involve two or more roads where multiple activities, such as turning left and crossing over occur. Learn more about intersection accidents in the following sections, including the frequency at which they occur and the injuries that victims of these accidents may experience, and discover how a seasoned [...]

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