Could Pierce County’s Felony DUI Program Be the Solution to Drunk Driving Accidents in Wisconsin?

Over the years, Wisconsin has received a lot of criticism for its lax drunk driving laws – and rightly so considering alcohol-related crashes kill approximately 162 people in Wisconsin each year and injure almost 2, 700 others. A recent revision to criminal penalties, which now makes a fourth DUI a felony charge, has garnered some positive attention but this change may not be sufficient enough to reduce the number of [...]

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Wisconsin Drunk Driving Accidents: Avoiding an OWI Charge

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Wisconsin has the highest rate of drunken driving in the United States. In 2012, 223 people died and 3, 000 people were injured in alcohol-related crashes. In addition to a potential Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) charge on a driver's record, driving after consuming alcohol can result in serious injuries to unsuspecting drivers on the road. Thus, Wisconsin residents should take several precautions to [...]

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