What Injuries Can Occur in Electric Scooter Accidents?

A recent transportation trend has seen people of all ages begin to use electric scooters, also known as e-scooters, to travel in cities throughout the United States. An e-scooter is a powered stand-up scooter which uses a small electric motor. This mode of transportation is especially popular in warm weather or mild climates. Electric or motorized scooters are a more efficient way to get around compared to walking. In addition, [...]

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Defective Toys and Child Injuries – What Every Parent Should Know

If you are like most parents, you take the time to check age recommendations before purchasing a new toy for your child. You may even check to ensure the product has not been recalled, and if you ever learn of one, you get rid of the toy or return the toy or send it in for a refund or replacement. So, what happens when your child experiences an injury, despite [...]

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Child and Baby Products Can be Dangerous

All manufacturing companies have the legal duty to design, produce, and sell products that are safe for consumer use. Even if the products are not safe under certain circumstances, the company must provide adequate warnings regarding the possible risks of the product. When a company fails to meet these legal duties, injured consumers can hold the company liable by filing a products liability claim in civil court. Several types of [...]

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How Product Recalls Affect Product Liability Cases

Product recalls are reported by news sources to inform the public of the potential danger a product may cause. Usually the product manufacturer initially becomes aware of the defect or problem and then issues a voluntary recall. However, in some cases, government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration or the Consumer Product Safety Commission come across the defect and inform the manufacturer of its findings. Although a recall [...]

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