Product Recalls and the Risk of Electrocution – What Every Consumer Should Know

Consumers expect that the products they purchase will be safe to use, so long as they follow the warnings and instructions. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Instead, statistics say that some 48 people die of consumer product-related electrocution each year. Learn how you can obtain full and fair compensation if you or your loved one has been killed or injured by a consumer product, and discover how a [...]

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Avoid Electrocutions in Your Home

Electrocutions are relatively common for construction or utility workers, electricians, or on other types of job sites. However, many people may not appreciate the risk of electrocution in their own homes. Home electrocutions can occur for many different reasons, including faulty wiring, defective appliances or power tools, and faulty outlets. Moreover, electrocutions can cause serious injuries to you or your family members. The following steps can be taken to prevent [...]

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