Auto Accidents Involving Wildlife Are on the Rise in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a state with a large population of wildlife, particularly deer. In fact, in the winter of 2017, it was estimated that there were upwards of 50 deer per square mile of land area, statewide. This dense population of deer has led to an increase in auto accidents involving wildlife, mainly deer.  The 16th annual State Farm deer-vehicle collision study, which combined totals between  July 1, 2017, and June [...]

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Examining the Dangers of Fall Driving

Because it is associated with holidays, family, and outdoor fun, fall is a considered a beautiful and joyous time of year by most people. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous – just as dangerous, sometimes, as the winter. Learn how you can protect your family from potential injury this fall by examining some of the biggest season-related driving dangers, and how to avoid them. You shall also learn what you [...]

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