What If I Am in an Accident With an Uninsured or Underinsured Driver?

All Wisconsin drivers must have proof of auto insurance policy coverage in case they are in an accident while driving or are pulled over for a traffic violation. If you are involved in a car accident, and another driver is at fault, his or her auto insurance should typically pay for any repairs to your car or any medical bills due to injuries suffered in the crash. However, sometimes the [...]

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Pursuing Compensation When Injured by a Speeding Driver

According to statistics, speeding is the second leading cause of auto accidents within the United States. Yet many drivers continue to ignore the posted speed limit signs. If you have been injured in a car crash by a speeding driver, learn your rights, including your right to pursue full and fair compensation for your losses. Speeding is a Serious Problem in the U.S. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety [...]

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What if a Friend or Family Member Caused My Accident?

Car accidents are stressful. Involved parties can be left with significant property damage, medical bills, and other losses. Moreover, impacted parties may seek compensation by filing a legal claim for personal injury against the individual responsible for the accident. Yet the situation following a car accident can become significantly more complicated when the accident is caused by a family member, friend or neighbor. If this happens, you may be reluctant [...]

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Be Wary of an Increased Number of Wisconsin Car Accidents this Winter

Wintertime in Wisconsin usually results in several inches of snow and extremely cold temperatures making a commuter's life much more difficult. For those who spend a lot of time on the road in the winter time, car accidents are a common concern. In fact, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, there were 28, 474 car accidents that resulted in injuries in Wisconsin in 2013 alone. With unpredictable weather conditions [...]

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Recovering Compensation after a Devastating Traffic Crash

The Green Bay Press Gazette has reported that three Shawano County teens recently died when the car they were riding in crashed. An accident investigation suggests that the teens' car, which was traveling on Wisconsin 22, swerved to evade another car that was attempting to turn left into a driveway. The driver, who survived the crash, lost control and drove straight into the path of an oncoming SUV. The driver [...]

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