Events to Raise Awareness During Motorcycle Safety Month Taking Place All Over the U.S.

With the weather warming, motorcyclists are dusting off their bikes, pulling out their gear, and making plans for the open road. They have waited months to once again experience the rush, the feel of the wind whipping against their bodies, and the vibrations of the bike. However, the sense of freedom that they experience comes at a hefty price: the risk of a motorcycle accident that could very well cost [...]

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Motorcycle Accident Prevention Tips for Drivers and Riders

Last year, motorcycle accidents went up by 15 percent. Studies suggest that many of these accidents were likely due to four-wheel drivers. As such, automobile drivers need to know how to effectively share the road. And, with motorcycle awareness just around the corner, and one death in Wisconsin this year already, now is the perfect time to discuss just how. Understanding Why Motorcycle Accidents Happen So often, drivers who hit [...]

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Preventing Wisconsin Motorcycle Accidents and Injures

Motorcycle accidents often result in more devastating injuries or death than a typical car accident. The lack of a protective barrier and the force of the other vehicle ultimately leaves motorcyclists in a very vulnerable position on the road. In addition to this danger is the fact that drivers in cars and other vehicles are predisposed to not look for motorcycles. Given their small size, car drivers often state not [...]

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