Appleton auto accident lawyersWhile some accidents may be caused by uncontrollable factors, such as weather or road conditions, the majority are caused by human error, negligence, or behavior. Some are oversights, such as failing to notice a stop sign. Others are intentional but not intended to cause harm, such as texting while driving. Then there are those actions that may or may not be used to intentionally bring harm to other road users, but are extremely dangerous for everyone. One example of such behavior is aggressive driving, or road rage. If you or someone you love has been injured because of this type of behavior, learn what your rights are and how you can most effectively pursue compensation.

What is Road Rage?

Anyone can become angry or annoyed while behind the wheel of a car, but aggressive driving and road rage take that anger another step. Drivers acting in this way are intentionally trying to intimidate or provoke others. They might be honking their horn because someone sat at a light too long, weaving toward another driver, slamming on their brakes to stop a tailgater, or yelling out their window at someone as they pass by. A far more concerning action is one in which a driver shoots at another because of anger or frustration. Extreme as it sounds, this happens in about 37 percent of all road rage/aggressive driving cases. This is not the only concerning statistic, however.

Other Concerning Road Rage/Aggressive Driving Statistics

Although males under the age of 19 are most prone to exhibit aggressive driving behavior, anyone can behave in an overly aggressive way while behind the wheel. In fact, statistics indicate that some 66 percent of all traffic fatalities in America are caused by aggressive drivers. Some might not even seem like the aggressive type, yet they become enraged by the driving of other road users. Being on the receiving end of someone else’s aggressive behavior can also increase one’s propensity for aggressive driving. In fact, around two percent of all drivers have admitted to trying to run an aggressive driver off the road. Furthermore, experts estimate that road rage has led to as many as 218 murders and 12, 610 injuries over the last seven years.

When Road Rage Leads to a Fatality or Injury

When dealing with an aggressive driver, the best course of action is to ignore the other driver and avoid eye contact, but behaving appropriately does not necessarily make you immune to possible accidents. As such, it is critical that accident victims and their families understand that they do have the right to pursue compensation from an aggressive driver. Further, victims should know where to turn for legal assistance to ensure their rights and best interest are protected throughout the process.

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