Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in Wisconsin

Last year, Wisconsin's pedestrian deaths rose by 22 percent. Warm spring weather, substantial decreases in gas prices, and an improved economy were all considered factors for this rise in traffic fatalities last year. While there may be some truth to this information, it cannot be used as an excuse. An examination other pedestrian-friendly cities may offer some insight as to how Wisconsin could better their streets for their most vulnerable [...]

2016-02-02T16:38:57+00:00February 2, 2016|Pedestrian Accidents|

Can Liability be Limited for Distracted Pedestrians?

Driving distractions, such as texting or checking a social media account via mobile device, can lead to serious accidents and injuries. However, many people do not realize the risks of using these devices while walking. If a pedestrian is distracted, he or she may not notice a turning car or one that is coming in his or her direction—he or she may step into the road in front of a [...]

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