How Can Passengers Recover Damages After a Wisconsin Car Crash?

When a car accident occurs, the fault usually lies with one or more of the drivers involved, but passengers often suffer some of the most serious injuries. If you have been injured in a crash in which you were a passenger, you should know that you do have the ability to pursue compensation for your damages, but it is important to determine who is responsible so that you have the best [...]

2022-07-29T15:15:14+00:00January 22, 2021|Car Accidents|

Passengers Are Most Vulnerable in Automobile Crashes, Study Finds

Anyone can be injured in a car during a traffic accident. Yet according to a recent study from the JPN Apex Trauma Center of AIIMS, passengers are the most vulnerable. This was partially attributed to a lack of seat belt use among occupants of the study. There are, however, several other likely factors, including the passenger's location in the vehicle, the type of accident experienced, and acts that could be [...]

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