What Should I Do if I Am in a Bicycle Accident While Riding to Work?

More and more people today are using bicycles as a mode of transportation, especially when traveling to work. This is a great form of exercise in addition to being a more economical way to reach your destination. Plus, since bicycles do not use gasoline like cars, they do not pollute the environment. Some cities across the United States have even taken steps to encourage bicycle use by designating “bike to [...]

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Reducing Your Risk of Serious Injuries in a Bicycle Accident

Thanks to environmental concerns and the scaling back of unnecessary expenses among many Americans, the number of cyclists has risen dramatically over the last decade. In fact, statistics indicate that some 66 million people now use a bicycle as their primary mode of transportation. Unfortunately, the roadways are still designed for passenger vehicles, and that creates challenges and potential risks for cyclists. Add in the potential for distracted, drunk, or [...]

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The Truth About Bicycle Accidents – Helmet Use May Not Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury

Statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation indicate that some 4, 500 bicyclists experience a non-fatal injury each year. Since many of these injuries were related to the head, face, or neck area, one would think that cyclists are failing at helmet use, but this assumption could not be further from the truth. Learn the truth about bicycle accidents and helmet use, including why helmets are not always effective at [...]

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Summer Traffic Safety – What Every Road User Should Know

Summer is full of barbecues, vacations, and lazy days by the water. Unfortunately, it also tends to result in an increase of severe traffic accidents. Why does this phenomenon occur, and what should road users do to protect themselves from the negligent behavior of others? The following explains, and provides you with some details on where to find assistance, should an accident happen to you or someone you love. Why [...]

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Are Roundabouts Safer for Bicyclists?

Roundabouts have become popular in America. In fact, some cities have chosen to replace dangerous intersections with new roundabouts. The Department of Transportation (DOT) says they result in fewer accidents and have decreased injuries by 75 percent. The death of bicyclists and pedestrians are said to have been reduced by 10 to 40 percent. Are these figures truly accurate, or are they inflated? Further, what can victims and their families [...]

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Bicyclists and Pedestrians Especially Vulnerable in Drunk Driving Accidents

Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that approximately 31 percent of all traffic-related deaths are caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol. In total, this amounts to nearly 10, 000 deaths each and every year. Pedestrians and bicyclists, who are largely unprotected during a vehicular impact, are often the most vulnerable. They also tend to be the ones most likely to be hit and [...]

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Common Injuries Suffered in Bicycle Accidents

Any type of traffic-related accident can be dangerous and has the potential to cause serious injuries. However, some people tend to be at greater risk for more severe injuries than others. Specifically, individuals who ride bicycles on or near roadways often suffer devastating injuries in the event of a collision. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that in 2013 alone, approximately 48, 000 cyclists sustained injuries in accidents [...]

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Wisconsin Bicycle Accidents and Car Crashes

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, there were 39, 370 injuries related to bicycle accidents in 2012. While this is only a small portion of traffic-related injuries that occurred in the state that year, the reality is that an accident can happen to anyone—especially as the weather improves more people venture outdoors on bicycles. Fortunately, however, there are steps you can take in order to protect yourself if you are [...]

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