What Every American Should Know About the Consumer Protection Safety Act

The Consumer Protection Safety Act (CPSA) is meant to protect consumers from the risk of death or injury from dangerous and defective products. Enacted by Congress in 1972, it outlines guidelines for the safe production, sale, packaging, and labeling of consumer products. It also regulates manufacturers and requires that they follow a specific protocol if or when a defective product is discovered. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers adhere to the CPSA. [...]

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When Product Manufacturers Fail to Provide Safety Warnings – Understanding Your Rights in a Product Liability Case

Consumers have the right to expect that the products they purchase are reasonably safe, and that they will be warned of any potential dangers. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. As a result, victims can be injured or wrongfully killed. A prime example is the recent case against Ikea. Three children were killed when defective furniture tipped over on them. The products never provided any warning. If you or someone [...]

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Do You Have Dangerous Products in Your Home?

Most houses are filled with countless products that help make our lives easier, provide entertainment, and generally improve our life quality. Unfortunately, with the many benefits of consumer products also comes the risk of accidents and injuries right in our own homes. Research indicates that an estimated 34 million people suffer injuries due to accidents caused by defective or dangerous consumer products on an annual basis. The Consumer Products Safety [...]

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