Appleton product liability attorneysConsumers have the right to expect that the products they purchase are reasonably safe, and that they will be warned of any potential dangers. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. As a result, victims can be injured or wrongfully killed. A prime example is the recent case against Ikea. Three children were killed when defective furniture tipped over on them. The products never provided any warning. If you or someone you love has faced a similar situation, know and understand your rights, including your right to pursue compensation in a product liability case.

Consumers Have a Right to Expect Products Free from Defect

Before it can be placed on the market for sale or distribution, products must meet certain safety requirements. Further, manufacturers are supposed to perform quality assurance to ensure their products are safe. When they fail to do so, and a victim is injured or wrongfully killed, the company can be held liable. Victims can work to hold them accountable through a product liability lawsuit. This is where Ikea failed. Their dressers, manufactured with a defect that allowed them to tip over, left them liable.

Manufacturers Must Include Safety Warnings

If a product has the potential to cause harm, the manufacturing company must provide warning. For example, space heaters have a warning, informing consumers that the product could catch fire if flammable objects are kept too close. The product further warns that the cord should not be covered by rugs or other flammable items because it, too, could catch fire. Ikea failed to provide such a warning on their dressers. As such, parents were not aware that the product could tip over and harm their children. This took away their ability to ensure the safety of their children through measures like securing the dressers to a wall or other stationary surface.

Pursuing Product Liability Claims – An Arduous Task for Victims

Although victims and their families may be owed compensation for an injury or wrongful death, the process of pursuing compensation in a product liability case can be extremely difficult. Protected by teams of attorneys and sometimes willing to commit illegal acts to cover up their mistakes, manufacturers have money and time – things that an injured victim may not have. This is why every victim should secure the assistance of an experienced attorney.

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