Examining the Long-Term Prognosis and Outcome for Electrocution Victims

Statistics from the Electrical Safety Foundation International, or ESFI, indicate that there were over 2, 200 non-fatal electrocution injuries in the year 2015. One-quarter of those electrocutions resulted in time away from work for the injured party. While the median time-frame amounted to just 10 days, the data also suggests that a return to work is not always possible. Furthermore, workers may be unable to perform their original duties after [...]

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Product Recalls and the Risk of Electrocution – What Every Consumer Should Know

Consumers expect that the products they purchase will be safe to use, so long as they follow the warnings and instructions. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Instead, statistics say that some 48 people die of consumer product-related electrocution each year. Learn how you can obtain full and fair compensation if you or your loved one has been killed or injured by a consumer product, and discover how a [...]

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CSPC Report Reveals Concerning Information on Defective Product Electrocutions

Electrocution might seem like an easy situation to avoid, but there are unseen and little known risks everywhere. They come in the form of defective consumer products, such as power tools, hair dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Even more concerning is the rate at which these products lead to serious and life-threatening injuries. If you are a consumer and own any electrical appliance, tool, or device know what your risks [...]

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FAQs about Electrocution Injuries

What is Electrocution? Electrocution occurs when an individual is exposed to a high voltage electrical current. The effects of this shock can range from relatively minor wounds to death. Factors that contribute to the severity of electrocution include the following: Type of circuit and current; The path the electricity took through the body; The length of time you were in contact with the current; and Strength of the current. What [...]

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