Avoiding Deer-Vehicle Collisions in Wisconsin

Deer breeding season has already begun and hunters will soon take to the woods. Of course, you do not have to be a hunter to actually see a deer this year. In fact, you are much more likely to see these majestic creatures while out and about between now and December. Unfortunately, this also means that your risk for a deer-vehicle collision will increase. Know how to protect yourself with [...]

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Study Reveals the Most Common Accident-Causing Distractions

The use of cellphones while driving often dominate the distracted driving conversations, but according to a recent study, it is not the most dangerous behind the wheel activity. In fact, cell phone use behind the wheel, while still dangerous, only came in second place in the statistical analysis of the most common accident-causing distractions. The greatest risk, which accounted for more than half of all distracted driving accidents (57 percent), [...]

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Common Types of Auto Collisions Caused by Negligence

More than 5.6 million traffic-related collisions occurred across the U.S. in 2012 alone, as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Collisions can happen in several different ways and for many different reasons. Some auto accidents are unavoidable and are the fault of no one in particular. However, preventable accidents also occur, especially when one or more parties act in a careless (negligent) manner. When involved in a [...]

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Driver Faces Felony Charges: Kills Three While Looking at Facebook

A Wisconsin woman is facing three felony charges after getting into a fatal car accident while looking at Facebook on her phone. The Centuria woman was looking at Facebook and responding to text messages when she drove her car into oncoming traffic and killed three of her four passengers. The fatalities included multiple members of her family, including young children. The smartphone's applications show that a Facebook chat was in progress [...]

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High-Speed Pursuits: Brown County Sheriff Sued for 2012 Crash

High-speed chases involving police officers are dangerous, not only for the police personnel but for  nearby pedestrians and motorists. Innocent bystanders are often involved in accidents caused by high-speed pursuits, and the results can be catastrophic and result in severe, life-threatening injuries. High-Speed Crash in Brown County  In 2012, a Brown County sheriff's deputy was involved in a high-speed chase that resulted in a third-party vehicle being broadsided by the [...]

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Road Rules: The Right-of-Way in Wisconsin

Earlier this year, a Pulaski school bus carrying 26 passengers crashed after crossing a four-lane highway where traffic was moving 65 miles per hour. The bus collided with a westbound car which struck the passenger-side back corner of the bus. Tragically, one passenger in the car died. In addition, the driver of the car suffered serious injuries. Fortunately, however, no one on the bus suffered injuries. The Shawano County Sheriff's [...]

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