Do You Have Dangerous Products in Your Home?

Most houses are filled with countless products that help make our lives easier, provide entertainment, and generally improve our life quality. Unfortunately, with the many benefits of consumer products also comes the risk of accidents and injuries right in our own homes. Research indicates that an estimated 34 million people suffer injuries due to accidents caused by defective or dangerous consumer products on an annual basis. The Consumer Products Safety [...]

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Various Types of Birth Control Can Cause Injury

Women seeking birth control methods have several different options to choose from, and they often look at the warning of side effects to help make their choice. Unfortunately, some pharmaceutical companies have inadequately warned or even misled users regarding very serious health conditions that may develop as a result of using a birth control product. Yaz and Yasmin pills Pharmaceutical manufacturer Bayer advertises birth control pills Yaz and Yasmin as [...]

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Takeda's Next Actos Drug Litigation is in Wisconsin

After being ordered to pay over $3 million dollars in damages for its diabetes drug, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company will be facing more time in court, and this time the company will have to appear in Wisconsin. Japanese pharmaceutical giant, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, was ordered by a Philadelphia jury to pay $2.3 million in compensatory damages and $1.3 million in punitive damages to a former teacher, Mr. Kristufek. Kristufek claimed the [...]

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Product Liability for Dangerous and Defective Products

When a person experiences sickness caused by a drug's unknown side effect, or is seriously hurt by a dangerous or defective product, he or she may be able to recover the costs of his or her injuries through a products liability lawsuit. Products liability law protects consumers from products that were defectively designed or did not meet safety standards. While Wisconsin's products liability law has recently undergone some changes, the [...]

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Are Health Apps Dangerous to Your Health?

The popularity of iPhones, Galaxies, and other smartphones have led to amazing health innovations through the use of apps. These apps serve as an easily accessible source of knowledge and generalized diagnostic information. However, they are also potentially dangerous medical products which provide people with untested and inaccurate information. Unhealthy Apps? A recent study looked into the top 107 apps for measuring high blood pressure and hypertension. The study found [...]

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