What Steps Should I Take After a Dog Bite Injury in Wisconsin?

Although most dogs are friendly and docile, they can become aggressive under certain circumstances. A dog bite injury can be a traumatic experience for both adults and children. A canine attack can result in severe lacerations, broken bones, and a variety of other injuries. In addition, dog attacks can have a lasting impact on a victim’s emotional well-being, particularly if the wounds lead to disfigurement. If you or a loved [...]

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What Should Drivers Do to Prevent Car Accidents Caused By Road Rage?

Driving can be a stressful experience for any motorist that is dealing with traffic jams, incompetent drivers, and the looming fear of car crashes. An automobile is intended to be a form of transportation that results in a quicker, easier commute. However, when people are subjected to stress while operating a vehicle, rage and anger can fester. Road rage can lead to car accidents, serious injuries, and wrongful deaths. Drivers [...]

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What Injuries Can Occur in Electric Scooter Accidents?

A recent transportation trend has seen people of all ages begin to use electric scooters, also known as e-scooters, to travel in cities throughout the United States. An e-scooter is a powered stand-up scooter which uses a small electric motor. This mode of transportation is especially popular in warm weather or mild climates. Electric or motorized scooters are a more efficient way to get around compared to walking. In addition, [...]

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What Are Common Forms of Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse?

According to a 2017 study performed by the U.S. National Institute on Aging, more than 50 percent of elderly Americans will spend their golden years in a nursing home. Most nursing homes are excellent institutions, but some, unfortunately, have neglectful or even abusive employees. Throughout the United States, as many as five million senior citizens are physically harmed each year by nursing home abuse or neglect.  Forms of Nursing Home [...]

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Traumatic Brain Injuries from Accidents Can Result in Death and Long-Term Disability

While the majority of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are minor, some do result in death or severe injury. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that around 30 percent of all injury deaths are the result of trauma to the brain. In all, that amounts to approximately 50, 000 deaths per year, or about 138 deaths per day. Others may experience life-time complications. If you or [...]

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Knowing How to Recognize Early Signs of TBI Key to Effective Treatment

Each year, an estimated 1.7 million Americans experience a concussion. These injuries, otherwise known as traumatic brain injuries (TBI), are usually caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head and range in severity from “mild” to “severe.” Lasting effects may include memory problems, mood swings, vision problems, and more. Moreover, these effects can linger for months, years, or even the remainder of a victim's life. However, improved outcomes [...]

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Snapchat Being Blamed for Auto Accidents After the Release of Their New “Speed Filter”

Distracted driving is a major problem in the United States; however, it may have just become more dangerous, thanks to the development of a Snapchat application that allows users to determine how fast they are going. Especially appealing to younger drivers, this “speed filter” is already being blamed for a handful of accidents throughout the country. Yet who is really responsible for these accidents: the teens, or the company that [...]

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New Laser Treatment Approach May Ease the Pain for Burn Victims

Severe burns—those that go beyond at-home treatment and require the help of a physician to heal—can leave victims with life-long scars and pain. This, on top of the risk for recurrent infections, potential loss of certain physical abilities or mobility, scarring, and disfigurement can be a hefty weight to carry and often adds emotional scars to the physical ones. Nothing and no one can ever make that fully right again; [...]

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Child Safety Seats Save Lives and Prevent Serious Injury

Most parents will do anything to protect their children—parents require children to use of bicycle helmets, demand their hands be held when crossing the street, and expect a phone call once their children have reached their destination. However, there is one form of protection that an alarming number of parents get wrong: safety seats. Sadly, it is this single oversight that leads to the majority of automobile accident injuries and [...]

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How a Spinal Injury Registry Could Help Newly Injured Patients

Spinal injuries are often the most devastating because they are capable of causing partial or complete paralysis and, depending on the location and severity, may require specialized lifetime treatment. Unfortunately, the data available to treat patients can be hard to come by for doctors. This can limit the understanding and even the potential outcomes. Advocates in Australia are calling for a national registry database on treatment. Patients in the U.S. [...]

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