Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in Wisconsin

Last year, Wisconsin's pedestrian deaths rose by 22 percent. Warm spring weather, substantial decreases in gas prices, and an improved economy were all considered factors for this rise in traffic fatalities last year. While there may be some truth to this information, it cannot be used as an excuse. An examination other pedestrian-friendly cities may offer some insight as to how Wisconsin could better their streets for their most vulnerable [...]

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Traffic Fatalities Reach Record Low

Despite facing extremely harsh winters, Wisconsin and neighboring Minnesota are posting low numbers of traffic accident-related deaths. Annually, the departments of transportation, from each state across the country, release data on the number of recorded traffic fatalities. Both Minnesota and Wisconsin have been found to have historically low numbers this year, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. In Wisconsin, the latest numbers for 2014 show the total number [...]

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Monitoring Wisconsin's Repeat Drunk Drivers

Wisconsin has the highest rate of drunk driving in the country and an even worse repeat offender problem. More than one-third of convicted drunk drivers in the state are repeat offenders with previous drunk driving convictions. Wisconsin's Drunk Driving Problem With more than 33, 000 drunk driving convictions annually and one-third of Wisconsin drivers admitting to driving under the influence, monitoring repeat offenders has been a focus of the state. [...]

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