Road Trips Increase the Risk of Injuries

Each summer, families pack up their vehicles and head out on road trips—a fun and cost-effective way to see several destinations and attractions. However, when traveling with your family for hours at a time, at highway speeds, the risk of accidents and injuries can be significant. The following provides several suggestions to limit your risk for accidents and to help ensure you have a safe and healthy vacation. Have Your [...]

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What is My Auto Accident Case Worth?

If you have suffered injuries in a car accident and are considering filing a legal claim against the at-fault driver involved, one of your first inquiries will likely be regarding the potential value of your case. The truth is that every single auto accident case is different. Depending on the facts of the accident, the type of injuries sustained, the amount of medical bills incurred, the credibility of both expert [...]

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Liability in Road Work Zone Accidents

Construction is widely known as one of the most dangerous industries in the United States. Thousands of construction workers suffer serious or even fatal injuries each year as a result of accidents on the job. Types of accidents include getting hit by falling objects, falling from heights, and being electrocuted. When a construction worker is working on a road crew, however, there is an additional risk of motor vehicle accidents [...]

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High-Speed Chases: A Risk Drivers and Pedestrians Face on the Roads

A 27-year-old Waukesha man was arrested for a dangerous high-speed chase that ended with his vehicle crashing into an animal hospital in New Berlin. Another man was arrested for leading police on a high-speed pursuit through the Twin Cities' suburbs—a chase that resulted in crashes with three other vehicles. High-speed pursuits such as these recent incidents are extremely dangerous for the suspects and police officers involved. However, they are also [...]

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Uber and Lyft Making Moves in Wisconsin

Despite only being able to officially operate in Milwaukee, the popular car service provided by Uber and Lyft is available in Madison and Green Bay without official regulation. Both companies and state legislators are attempting to fix that problem by pushing through legislation that would allow the companies (and related ones) to operate throughout the state legally. A.B. 143 and S.B. 106 are the two bills being supported by major [...]

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Traffic Fatalities Reach Record Low

Despite facing extremely harsh winters, Wisconsin and neighboring Minnesota are posting low numbers of traffic accident-related deaths. Annually, the departments of transportation, from each state across the country, release data on the number of recorded traffic fatalities. Both Minnesota and Wisconsin have been found to have historically low numbers this year, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. In Wisconsin, the latest numbers for 2014 show the total number [...]

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Wisconsin May Become a Five Strikes State

Bipartisan legislation is said to be on the verge of introduction at the state's capital that will look to punish chronic drunk drivers. Representative Eric Genrich (D) from Green Bay and Representative Andre Jacque (R) from De Pere are working on a bill that will permanently revoke the driving privileges of chronic drunk drivers. Similar to what was introduced in New York, the new law is expected to create a lifetime [...]

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Travel, Texting and Driving

The holidays are a time of reflection, celebration and family, and often involve traveling long distances to visit loved ones. Unfortunately, with the advent of cell phones and text messaging, inattentive driving has become a hazard and it is a growing cause for deadly car accidents. Texting and Driving in Wisconsin In Wisconsin, using a cell phone while driving is against the law for any driver under 18 or those [...]

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Comparative Fault Laws: An Explanation

Establishing who is responsible for an accident is not always an easy task. If a person is stopped at a traffic light and is suddenly rear-ended by a drunk driver who also happened to be speeding, then the answer is fairly clear. However, not all situations in the real world are as black and white. Law school professors like to illustrate the dilemma of establishing fault with an example about [...]

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Steps to Take after a Traffic Accident

Over the course of a person's life, statistics suggest that an individual will get into three to four traffic accidents. Considering that teens usually have a higher likelihood of accidents, it is not surprising when at least one of these accidents occurs early in life. Yet, despite the common nature of traffic accidents, many people do not know how to react when involved. Fortunately, there are several simple steps a [...]

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